History Repeats Itself in Ukraine

The power grab similarities between Nazi Germany and Putin's Russia are striking

I’ve been reading about Nazi Germany recently in William Shirer’s masterpiece, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I couldn’t help noticing many of the similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and Vladimir Putin’s current attempts to unite the Russkiy Mir.

Hitler wanted Lebensraum - or “living space” - for the German people. He ignored borders and demilitarized zones like the Rhineland in order to capture it.

Similarly, Vladimir Putin has voiced his desire to reunite the Russkiy Mir, particularly with Ukraine. He has said time and again in speeches and essays how Ukraine has a “shared unity” with Russia. That it’s not a separate country with a distinct culture. That it requires denazification (despite Ukraine’s President being Jewish). And that Ukraine needs to be liberated from western and NATO influences.

The propaganda might as well have been written by Joseph Goebbels himself.

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In other news…

Assume you attempt to rob a bank. You’re not successful. Neither are your accomplices nor the people you told to go rob it.

After the fact, you convince everyone that the attempted bank robbery was just a regular visit to the bank. Forget the shattered glass, threats to hang the bank branch manager, and demands to empty the vault. In fact, you tell the authorities that bank security actually opened the doors and let you inside.

You also blame your lawyers. Ahead of the attempted bank robbery, you allegedly received legal advice that so long as you attempted to rob the bank while they were counting the cash, it could be legal and not technically a robbery. It’s all FDIC insured, right? Backed by taxpayer dollars. So therefore backed by YOU!

Accordingly, you have no liability. We should just move on and forget the whole attempted bank robbery thing. Don’t mind the fact more threats have been made by you and your friends to rob more banks and actually take down the entire banking system.

This is obviously a crazy analogy about something. Listen to what Mike Pence said recently and see if you can connect the dots.

Yes, Mike Pence wants us to blame Donald Trump’s lawyers for what happened on January 6th. Not Donald Trump himself (that would be too politically costly for Pence). Not all the Trump supporters who were waving Trump flags as they stormed the Capitol and broke windows, trampled security guards, and tried to hunt down politicians like Mike Pence himself!

In our analogy, Donald Trump is the mastermind robber. He alerted the masses on Twitter in the days before the January 6th election certification that it was a great time to rob the bank. The money in the vault represents American democracy. The attempted bank robbery was the ransacking of the U.S. Capitol.

If we applied Mike Pence’s logic to other areas of society - like attempted robberies, for example - nobody would ever be held criminally liable. So long as they were given “bad” advice by lawyers.

This is yet another instance of Republicans trying to erase reality and history. If we simply move on, it’s bound to repeat itself. And the efforts to overthrow American elections may not actually fail next time.

Republicans also had disgusting things to say about President Zelensky’s visit to the U.S. Capitol

We did a video on it (click the image):

For this upcoming week, we plan to focus more on Putin and Ukraine, especially as it relates to what history tells us. We also plan to publish more on China as tensions escalate with Taiwan (who recently announced more conscription). And of course, we’ll cover more of what happens here in the United States from the American Fascist Party (i.e., Republicans).

It may surprise some that I actually agree with many fiscal conservative policies. I forever considered myself a Republican until 2016, and I still like many Republicans today (mostly from the past though).

But I will never tolerate someone or their enablers willing to sacrifice democracy in the pursuit of power.

As we have seen from history, from the Third Reich to Putin’s Russia, those anti-democratic efforts never go (or end) well.


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